Company profile


Multidisciplinary design work and engineering-consulting services

The subject of activities of DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a.s. is designing. It develops studies, building plans, documentation for area planning decisions, building permits, and implementation documentation. In order to provide comprehensive services to investors, it provides consulting services, engineering activities, author’s and construction supervision during construction, and also focuses on property rights settlement. The subject of project documentation is mainly highway and road construction projects, railway constructions as well as urban roads and various kinds of land and water management constructions. DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a.s. has extensive experience in designing bridges, for which it received several major awards. Since 2019, the company expanded its portfolio of provided services to include tunnel design.

DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a.s. is also specialized in the solution of public transport systems, including railway transport, objects for river transport and ports, relocation of watercourses and engineering networks. Its experts solve complex geotechnical problems, surveying tasks, and technological problems. The company also participates to a significant extent in projects in the field of transport economics, as well as evaluating the impacts of buildings on the environment and nature. DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a. s., also has extensive experience working with many major foreign consultancy-design companies.

DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a.s. uses BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) to support design at all stages of project documentation to ensure higher quality of the projects themselves.


Business Principles

High quality
Ethics of Conduct
Fair Relations with Clients
Partnership with Employees

Company history


Establishment of the company


Establishment of a nationwide institute for the design of transport structures based in Bratislava and with branches in Prague and Brno


Division of the institute into three separate project state institutions


Establishment of a state enterprise


Incorporation of the private joint stock company DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a.s.


Member of the strongest design group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia SUDOP GROUP, Prague


Establishment of a representation in the Czech Republic - DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a.s. organizational unit CZ


70 years of designing projects


Company Vision and Mission

Our vision, as a leader in the domestic market of design works and consulting services in the field of transport construction projects, is to confirm this position in the future and to become a desired company for providing multidisciplinary services in the Slovak and European markets. Our mission is to provide services at a high professional level with emphasis on ethics of conduct, social and environmental responsibility. We will continue to create a motivating working environment for employees, to acquire and educate professionals, to provide professional services to clients, thereby ensuring the company’s continuing prosperity and further development. By increasing prosperity, we want to increase the value of our assets and satisfy shareholders’ expectations. In a broader context, we will continually contribute to the development of our profession and its greater social recognition.

Membership in Associations

  • SKSI  – Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers
  • SKA – Slovak Chamber of Architects
  • ČKA – Czech Chamber of Architects
  • ČKAIT – Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians
  • KGK – Chamber of Surveyors and Cartographers
  • BIMaS – BIM Association Slovakia
  • STA – Slovak Tunneling Association
  • SZSI – Slovak Association of Civil Engineers
  • ZSPS – Association of Building Entrepreneurs of Slovakia
  • SNK fib – Slovak National Committee of the fib
  • SCS – Slovak Road Association
  • HRcomm – Association for Management and Development of Human Resources