Activities of the company DOPRAVOPROJEKT

Activities of the company DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a.s. concern all stages of preparation, construction, assessment, and implementation of projects, especially of transport structures, starting with carrying out various surveys, all levels of planning, preparatory, and project documentation and ending with supervision carried out during construction.

DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a.s. uses BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) to support design at all stages of project documentation to ensure higher quality of the projects themselves.


  • strategic, search, pre-investment, and investment feasibility studies, including technical, economic, transport engineering, environmental, noise and other studies;
  • building intent documentation, area planning decision documentation, and construction permit documentation;
  • documentation for a bid and documentation for realization of the construction, documentation for execution of works
  • Documentation for a change of construction before completion and documentation of actual implementation of the construction;
  • the EIA process dossier, in particular the environmental impact assessment of intended projects and reports;
  • transport-engineering surveys, traffic-urban planning analyses, traffic generals, and other documentation;
  • geodetic work;

Engineering and Property Rights Settlement:

  • engineering activities in preparation for construction of buildings, including acquiring of valid land-use decisions, building permits, and approval decisions;
  • real estate property rights settlement;


  • author’s supervision
  • construction supervision
  • geological, geotechnical and geodetic supervision;

Consulting, advisory, and expertise activities:

  • assessment of engineering structures, proposals for repair, remediation and reconstruction of buildings;
  • consulting, advisory services
  • legislative advice


DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a.s. focuses in particular on the following areas:


  • highways and roads
  • railways
  • urban infrastructure
  • bridges
  • tunnels
  • civil engineering and architecture

Engineering Activity and Property Rights Settlement:

  • engineering activity for building permission
  • engineering activity related to the implementation and approval of buildings
  • property rights settlement

Construction Supervision:

  • for highway and road construction
  • for railway construction
  • for water management projects
  • for crude oil and natural gas distribution
  • for civil engineering