DATE: 22. 07. 2019

The full set of project documentation of bridges (over 30) – among them the most significant are:

The resulting design of the bridge near Nové mesto nad Váhom on a state road

Rakoľuby – Mnešice (today part of Nové Mesto nad Váhom)

Bridge over the River Váh in Kráľová Lehota

A detailed project of the bridge over the River Váh in Kraľovany

Bridge over the River Poprad in Poprad

Bridge over the River Topľa near the village Hanušovce nad Topľou

Bridge over the River Torysa near Haniska

The resulting bridge design over the River Ondava near the village of Podčičva


First overpasses over railway lines as a replacement of level crossings:

A detailed design of the overpass over the railway line in Lieskovec on the Zvolen – Lieskovec state road

General design of the overpass in Krásna nad Hornádom over the Michaľany – Košice railway line