Major projects

Confirmation of quality of services provided by DOPRAVOPROJEKT, a.s., that is references to service contracts under a contract or framework agreement concluded under the Public Procurement Act, prepared by contracting authorities /ordering entities, are available in the section Register of References within of the Information System of the Public Administration administered by the Public Procurement Office.


Bridge over the River Danube near the village of Medveďov

Prefabricated bridge structures of reinforced concrete prefabricated units 3 – 9 m span “Hájek”

Bridge over the River Hron in Kalná nad Hronom on state road no. 51

State type guidance support documentation “Road Culverts”

Initial type support documentation “Road bridges over twin track railway lines MO-NA-KO”


Bridge across the River Nitra in Nové Zámky on state road no. 64

Bridge across the River Laborec in Krásny Brod on state road no. 575

Normals of road bridges of pre-stressed concrete span 10 – 18 m

Directional and height adjustment of state road no. 502 in the section Dubová – Častá (about 4.5 km)


Relocation of state road no. 50 in Žiar nad Hronom

Bridge over the canal on the reservoir of the dam Krpeľany – Sučany – Lipovec

Bridge over the River Hron in Tlmače on state road no. 2071

Bridge across the River Laborec in Michalovce on state road III. category Michalovce – Jovsa


Bridge over the Váh River near Lipovec on the state road III. category Vrútky – Kľačany

Bridge over the River Turiec near the village of Príbovce on state road no. 519

Relocation of state road no. 59 (523) in the section Ružomberok – Likavka

Bridge over the River Hornád on state road III. category Kysak – Košice