Major projects

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Construction of state road I/18 Žilina, 2nd construction

Trolley bus transport Banská Bystrica, 1st construction

State road I/50 Kriváň – Podkriváň

Tramway in Bratislava: Jurajov dvor – Zlaté piesky

Study of the 1st set of structures for a high-speed railway in Bratislava

Track and station sections of the Bratislava high-speed railway in Petržalka

Repair of lichters and containers in Bazarchuk Bay in the USSR

Highway D1 Ličartovce – Budimír

Bridging the Danube in Bratislava at Lafranconi, under structure for object 201


Highway D1 in Bratislava in the Bajkalská Street – Senecká Street section; bridge structures

Transport depot (hereinafter “DZ”) ČSAD Trnava

ČSAO Lučenec, 2nd construction State road I/51 – northern bypass of Nitra

DPMB Central Maintenance Depot in Bratislava: Jurajov dvor, 1st construction

Bus station ČSAD Levice

Bus station ČSAD Kežmarok, 1st construction

Bridging the Danube in Bratislava at Lafranconi

DZ ČSAD Prešov, DZ ČSAD Trenčín; study of a set of structures


Outlook study of a high-speed rail service in Bratislava, 1st construction; study

Development study of a high-speed rail service in Bratislava until 2000; study

High-speed rail service in Bratislava, 1st phase

High-speed rail service in Bratislava, 1st construction, II. phase

Sereď bypass on state road I/51

Highway D61 (today D1) section Piešťany – Horná Streda

Highway D61 (today D1) in Bratislava section Bajkalská Street – Senecká Street


Relocation of state road I/50 Nováky – Prievidza

Tram line in Bratislava: Rača – Komisárky

Relocation of state road II/520 Nová Bystrica

Highway-railway bridge across the Danube in Bratislava; objects

Relocation of state road I/18 Fričovce – Chminianska Nová Ves, 3rd construction

Highway D1 Chminianska Nova Ves – Prešov south; study of a set of structures

Type study of buildings in a depot for public transport