Major projects

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Road I/68 Budimír – Košice, 2nd construction

Associated investments to the Lafranconi Bridge in Bratislava – left bank bridgehead

Road I/68 Prešov, waterfront communication

Bridge over the River Váh in Sučany on state road I/18

Road I/51 – Sereď bypass, 2nd construction

General transport plan of cities: Banská Bystrica, Martin, Michalovce, Prešov

Highway D1 Liptovský Hrádok – Hybe, 3rd construction

Highway D1 Budimír – Košické Oľšany, 1st construction


Type Directive “Catalog of Road Surfaces on Local Roads”

Type Directive “Equipment of Bridges and Components of Bearing Structures of Bridges” (Bridge Accessories)

Type Study “Designing Over/Underpass Pedestrian Crossings”

State road I/50 in the section Jalná – Hronská Breznica

Reconstruction of state road I/18 Bytča – Hlboké

Highway D1 Prešov-south – Prešov west

Highway D 61 (today D1) Nové Mesto nad Váhom – Chocholná-Velčice

General transport plan for cities: Liptovský Mikuláš, Poprad, Žilina

Trolleybus line Prešov – Sekčov

State road I/68 in Košice: intersection Dargovských hrdinov


Construction of state road I/18 Žilina, 2nd construction

Trolley bus transport Banská Bystrica, 1st construction

State road I/50 Kriváň – Podkriváň

Tramway in Bratislava: Jurajov dvor – Zlaté piesky

Study of the 1st set of structures for a high-speed railway in Bratislava

Track and station sections of the Bratislava high-speed railway in Petržalka

Repair of lichters and containers in Bazarchuk Bay in the USSR

Highway D1 Ličartovce – Budimír

Bridging the Danube in Bratislava at Lafranconi, under structure for object 201


Highway D1 in Bratislava in the Bajkalská Street – Senecká Street section; bridge structures

Transport depot (hereinafter “DZ”) ČSAD Trnava

ČSAO Lučenec, 2nd construction State road I/51 – northern bypass of Nitra

DPMB Central Maintenance Depot in Bratislava: Jurajov dvor, 1st construction

Bus station ČSAD Levice

Bus station ČSAD Kežmarok, 1st construction

Bridging the Danube in Bratislava at Lafranconi

DZ ČSAD Prešov, DZ ČSAD Trenčín; study of a set of structures