Major projects

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Bridge over Hron and overpass in Hronská Breznice

Highway D1 Hlohovec – Horná Streda

Relocation of state road II/502 Rača – Myslenice

Highway D61, bridge over the River Váh in Beckov; project task

Tram line in Bratislava: Karlova Ves – Dúbravka, 1st construction

Intersection in Bratislava at SAV

Tram line in Bratislava on Obchodna Street


Highway D1 Prešov west – Prešov south, study of a set of structures

Highway-railway bridge over the Danube in Bratislava

Highway D1 Liptovský Ján – Liptovský Hrádok; viaduct Podtureň

Bridging the Danube at Lafranconi in Bratislava; project task

Highway D1 Prešov – Budimír, Highway Administration and Maintenance Center (hereinafter SSÚD), Prešov


Highway D1 Hybe – Poprad; study of a set of structures

Highway D1 Hybe – Svit

Central Maintenance Depot DPMB Jurajov dvor; project task

Highway D61 Trnava – Hlohovec

Bus station Košice, 2nd construction

Řepy depot in Prague

Port of Chvaletice, study of a set of structures, 1st construction

Bratislava Bus Station


Tram line in Bratislava: Hurbanovo Square – General Svoboda Waterfront

Highway D1 Liptovský Ján – Liptovský Hrádok including the viaduct Podtureň

Road I/66 – Banská Bystrica, including elevated road sections

Highway D1 Liptovský Hrádok – Hybe including bridges Belá, Dovalovec and Hybica

Flyover crossing of roads in Bratislava at Mierove Square including pedestrian underpasses

Highway D1 Prešov – Ličartovce