Major projects

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Highway D1 Považská Bystrica – Bytča – Žilina – Dubná Skala; study (updating and optimizing D1 route)

Highway D2/D1 Bratislava state border Slovakia/Hungary – Slovakia/Austria

Innovation of KA prefabricated beams; type support documentation

Tender project offers, technical-quality conditions; sample documentation

Road II/529, bridge over Hron and overpass over the railway line in Brezno

Roads I/11 and II/487 Svrčinovec, Čierne, Skalité – pedestrian sidewalks

Program for expansion of filling stations network (CSPL) (4 Shell, 9 Tamoil, 3 Slovnaft)

Study of service facilities on highways of the Slovak Republic until 2030; study


Extension of the border crossing Petržalka – Berg

Road I/65 Nová Baňa – bypass; specification of the construction

Study of southern highway (road) routing across Slovakia

Road I/50 Zvolen, Pustý Hrad – Neresnica, stage III (also in 2001)

D18 highway (today D3), section border Poland/Slovakia – Žilina; study

Beams KA – 93, company type supporting documentation

Directional research on the highway and road network in the Slovak Republic

Trolleybus transport in Žilina – construction 1


Profilaktórium Jaremča – USSR, bridge over the river Prut

General transport plan for the towns of Komárno and Trenčín

Bus depot ČSAD Košice


Road I/51 – Sereď bypass, 3rd construction

Highway D2, section Bratislava – border Czechoslovakia/Hungary; specification of the construction

General transport plan of the town of Trnava

Bus station Zvolen, 2nd construction